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Who We Are

Top Figure was founded in 2017 to help businesses in the Twin Cities grow their brands by leveraging social media and effectively building an online presence. Salman and Abdi also have launched and manage 3 highly profitable Shopify brands. They developed and launched the mobile app Tavolo - a restaurant app which allows users to reserve a table, order food and pay their bill all in one place.  


In addition to running their digital agency and working with clients, Salman and Abdi have launched an online community “Top Figure” who’s mission is to teach other influencers and entrepreneurs how to build an online brand. They offer online courses to a global community of students, bootcamps, and mastermind groups.  They are committed to empowering people who’ve been underserved by the marketing and tech community and they absolutely love the fact that social media levels the playing field and creates opportunity for everyone.


For information on their courses click here.

Online Course

Now Available!

We've put together 3 years' worth of experience into one course to help teach you how to set up and scale your own online Shopify store!

Shopify Bootcamp

One time per month we hold workshops where we teach you the basics of setting up your store and how to start running ads!

One on One

Scaling Sessions

We work with you directly with our team one-one to help grow your E-commerce store to 6-7 figures.

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